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Media censored horrific black on white murder.

The media goes out of it's way to not report black on white violent crime.

This horrific murder of an elderly white man by two black females was censored by the “mainstream” press. It received only tiny blips in the local news the race of the victim was censored.

From CBS Plano, Texas…

On Wednesday Plano police discovered a 67-year-old man dead from apparent head injuries and later arrested two teenage girls for the crime.

Officers went to the house in the 7400 block of Alma Drive after receiving a welfare concern call. The deceased man was later identified as Paul W. Halperin.

Officers arrested Lakeisha Jean McWay, 19, and Shaniqua Shuntay Shelton, 18, in connection with the death. McWay is from Dallas and Shelton from Pleasant Grove. Both teens have been charged with Murder and are being held at eh Plano City Jail on $500,000 bond each.