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Media replaces Rick Perry with Herman Cain

The last time Republicans put an unknown, unqualified black man up against Obama, he got the same percentage of the black vote as David Duke.


A new Zogby poll purports to show that Herman Cain and Rick Perry have switched places in the polls.

The media seems to be in a new frenzy to promote Herman Cain. The reason is obvious. The media wants a straw man that Obama can beat.

When Obama ran for US Senate, it was one of the easiest US Senate victories in recent memory. The Republican incumbent dropped out. The winner of the Republican primary dropped out. Obama sat on the ballot unopposed for months. Finally some boobs in the Illinois Republican party had a brainstorm. “Put up a black Republican and split the black vote.”

So Alan Keyes, an unknown, unqualified black Republican was selected to run against Obama. A whopping 8% of black voters choose him. This is the same percentage of black voters who selected David Duke for US Senate in Louisiana. Hardly any blacks vote for Keyes, and multitudes of white voters stayed home.

Herman Cain, who political is probably far more left wing than Alan Keyes, would accomplish the exact same thing. The media knows this. They want desperately for this straw man to win the Republican nomination and send Obama sailing to a second term.

Cain himself has suggested that he would receive 40% of the black vote. He is either a fool, or deliberately lying.

Republican voters are like kittens. The media can trick them over and over.