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More welfare carols online.

Back in the late 90s, a black rap band from Cleveland, Ohio actually had a major hit single about receiving welfare checks in the mail. It was called “First of the Month.”

Recently there have been a string of popular “welfare carols” online. Recently we talked about Chapter’s “Swipe Yo EBT,” and her follow up video to critics. She explained that her friends see no reason to get a job in California when the state gives such lucrative welfare benefits.

In fact, California recently started allowing welfare recipients to withdraw the money from their EBT card on ATM machines. This has done away with any pretext that the money can only be used for food. Welfare deviants will no longer have to sell their food benefits for $.50 on the dollar to but drugs and liqueur. They can now withdraw the money and spend the full dollar amount on drugs and liqueur.

The popularity of that song has spurred numerous copycats.

[youtube saM_EEVfKDc]