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Obama backed "democracy advocates" slaughtering Christians in Egypt.

The ongoing slaughter of Christians in a direct result of the actions of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration in Egypt.

The staff of previously predicted that the actions of the US State Department in Egypt would trigger a Christian Holocaust by radical Muslims. We based our prediction off of events in Iraq. US intervention has turned both nations into a living hell for Christian minorities.

Once again the very people Obama and Hillary praised as freedom loving democracy advocates went on a rampage attacking Christians.

The US state department backed democracy advocates burned down a church in a suburb of Cairo. Christians massed at the scene of the arson to demand protection from the new Obama/Hillary backed regime. Democracy advocates attacked them. Twenty four Christians were slaughtered, mostly from gunshot wounds, and two hundred were injured.

Egyptian law enforcement are believed to have played a prominent role in the massacre. Law enforcement allegedly trapped Christians so they could be shot and beaten by the mobs.

Egypt’s new regime of freedom lovers immediately shut down two nearby television stations in an attempt to conceal the massacre.

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