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Obama pals go on extremist white hating rants at National Press Club.

This Nation of Islam leader spoke at the National Club Press concerning Obama’s latest “black farmer bailout.” It is part of the “Pigford lawsuit” in which far more blacks will receive “farmer bailout” money than the total number of black farmers in the nation. Calls white people “devils” and says blacks are at war with the white man.

[youtube IES1GLynB6g]

Pigford Attorney makes shock admission during her own press conference. She states that there is rampant fraud. However, she white people trick blacks into committing fraud. She then calls for a united black coalition to fight the prosecution of blacks who defraud the Federal government.

Also in attendance in Malik Shabazz, leader of the paramilitary Nation of Islam splinter group New Black Panther Party(NBPP). Obama met and marched with Shabazz in 2007. Obama apparently invited him to the White House as a guest during his first year in office.