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Obama's goons setting up Federal checkpoints on the highways.

Congress and the Obama administration are purposefully keeping the border open. Obama has now ordered Federal law enforcement to cease and desist deporting illegal aliens. Obama’s goons ordered ATF agents to facilitate the illegal sale of thousands of firearms to drug cartels in Mexico and Honduras. The Wall Street Journal just reported that ATF agents were probably ordered to facilitate the sale of fragmentation grenades to a Mexican drug cartel as well. More evidence is emerging from hearings that Federal agents may have been ordered to ignore certain drug carriers so there movements could be monitored for “research.”

While all of this is going on, Obama’s goon squads have set up shop harassing American citizens on the interstates. The interstate “inspection points” are popping up as far as 100 miles from the US borders. The Obama administration says they are for “border security.”

[youtube 1lethJ2IMiE]