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Ohio Prison system panders to the thugs.

In this book, NOI "prophet" Elijah Muhammed describes how Allah will destroy America and exterminate white people.

The Ohio prison system banned pork in the prisons to appease “Muslims,” most of whom are followers of the extremist Nation of Islam.

The Nation of Islam does much of it’s recruiting in the prisons. It also has a close relationship with the “Black Liberation Theology Church” Obama attended for twenty years.

The Nation of Islam[NOI] preaches that all swine used to be white people. These white infuriated Allah, and Allah turned them into swine as punishment. The NOI believes eating swine would be a form of cannibalism.

Ohio is now the fifth state to ban pork.

NOI theology has inspired many of the nations worst serial killers. This includes the NOI splinter group “Black Angels of Death” and the DC Snipers. One of the DC Snipers once served as a body guard for Louis Farrakhan, leader of the NOI.