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Paul to introduce alternative plan to Herman Cain's 9-9-9

Paul plans to announce a very specific plan to cut taxes by eliminating $1 Trillion in spending. The spending would be phased out over a three year period. Ron Paul says that in three years, income taxes would be lower, the budget would be balanced, and American would be more conducive for starting and growing a business.

  1. Eliminate the Department of Education.
  2. Eliminate the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  3. Eliminate the Department of the Interior.
  4. Eliminate the Department of Commerce.
  5. Eliminate the Department of Energy.
  6. Elimination of the TSA.
  7. Withdraw of US troops from combat operations overseas.
  8. 30% reduction in spending on the EPA.
  9. 40% reduction in spending on the FDA.
  10. Elimination of foreign aid.
  11. 10% overall reduction in Federal workforce.
  12. Full audit and elimination of secrecy in the Federal Reserve Bank

Income tax brackets would be lowered with the max bracket being 15%.