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Swiss Peoples' Party polling 30%.

The now famous campaign poster that catapulted the SVP to becoming the largest party in Switzerlan in 2007.

The Swiss Peoples’ Party may lead Switzerland to slamming the border on non-European immigrants.

The Swiss Peoples’ Party [SVP] is polling 30% in the polls. This is ten points ahead of the Socialist party, which is in second place. The Conservative Democrats, which is a “moderate faction” splinter group” of the SVP is expected to get another 3-4%. The right of center Christian Democrats are at 14% and the free market Libertarian Free Democratic Party is at 15%. Another 15% is split between two rival green parties. One of them a far-left/communist party at 10% and one a free market/centrist party at 5%.

The party has made it’s message very clear. They rejects the left-wing fantasy that non-European immigrants will ever assimilate, and calls for keeping Swiss society the way it is. The Socialist party and the communist Greens party support non-European immigrants, because those immigrants mostly vote for far-left parties.

The Swiss Election is Sunday, October 23rd.