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The marriage of Obama and Corporation.

As a reward for helping to get him elected, Obama placed GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt on his staff to help write corporatist schemes for the administration.

Obama’s “tax the super-rich” will only hurt small business and eliminate competition for Obama’s pals.

If the US government lowered income tax rates, but eliminated all the special deals, the large corporations would actually have to pay far more in taxes.

GE is a shining example of Obama’s corrupt spoils system based corporatism.

This monster international corporation makes billions a year in the United States. They played a massive role in getting Obama elected president. Their giant media empire, NBC-Universal, was transformed into a 24/7 elect Obama propaganda machine. They also pumped vast sums of money into Obama’s campaign coffers.

The Obama administration showered them with new deals and benefits. In fact Obama gave GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt a position on his staff to help design the administrations corporatist schemes himself! Jeffrey Immelt is Obama’s his liaison to the business community and as the chairman of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Last year GE not only paid zero dollars in Corporate income taxes, the IRS sent them a $1.4 Billion check. According to the New York Times, GE made $5.1 billion in the US and $14 Billion worldwide last year.

Based on it’s 35% income tax bracket, the company should have paid about $1.8 Billion in Federal corporate income tax. Instead it paid zero, and actually got money back. The New York Times reports that GE got $3.2 Billion in tax credits. This comes from special deals and rebates provided by the Federal government.

By the way. Obama is even deeper in bed with big oil than George Bush was.

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