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The "super rich" left-wing elites.

Notice the people railing against the “super rich,” are “super rich” themselves?


Barack Obama: $10.5 million

Al Gore: $100 Million (says everyone else needs to cut back)

Roseanne Barr: $80 Million (recently called for the execution of people with a net worth over $100 million)

Micheal Moore: $50 Million (lives in America’s whitest major metropolitan area while demanding diversity for everyone else)

Hillary Clinton: $21.5 Million

Bill Clinton: $80 Million

Chelsea Clinton: $5 Million

Harry Reid: $5 Million

Rahm Emanuel: $14 Million

Nancy Pelosi: $35.5 Million

Al Franken: $8 Million (hardcore communist)

Arianna Huffington: $35 Million

John Kerry: $210 Million (ut uh, Roseanne Barr would behead him)

Why is it always the super wealthy who are funding Marxist causes?