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TSA body scanner failure rate: So bad it's classified.

Everything that big sister Janet Napolitano and her goons at the DHS have told us about the TSA x-ray body scanners has been a lie.

They said that the scanners do not produce naked picture. They lied.

They said they weren’t saving the naked pictures. They lied.

They said that agents were not groping the genitals of those who refused the scanners. They lied.

They said the x-ray machines were not a threat to your health. They lied.

They said they were protecting us from terrorists. They lied.

According to the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Rep. John L. Mica, the failure rate of x-ray machines to detect weapons is dismal. He says that the TSA classifies the failure rate, because the public would be outraged.

Rep. John L. Mica, who played a major role in creating the TSA in the first place, says the agency needs to be dismantled. He renewed his call for a return to privatized airport security and an end to the Federal police state tactics at the airport.

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