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UK Daily Mail: Obama deeply involved in Solyndra Scandal.

From UK Daily Mail…

Government officials were pressured into approving a $533 million loan guarantee for now-bankrupt Solyndra by an elite Barack Obama fundraiser whose lawyer wife worked for a firm representing the California solar company, leaked emails have shown.

Steven Spinner, hired to help oversee the Obama administration’s energy loan program, told officials from the Department of Energy to move faster to rubber stamp a loan guarantee for the company.

Solar start-up company Solyndra LLC announced in August it was filing for bankruptcy, just 15 months after receiving a $535 million in federal loan money.

Mr Spinner, an energy investor and high-tech consultant, raised at least $500,000 for the President’s campaign before he was given a crucial job helping to oversee the energy loan guarantee program, it has been reported.

According to ABC News, Spinner wrote in emails made public yesterday: ‘How hard is this? What is he waiting for?