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University of Toronto Professor: Teach white children to act black.

An extremist psychology professor at the University of Toronto says white children should be taught to imitate blacks, so they won't be "prejudiced."

Michael Inzlicht is a left-wing extremist college professor at the University of Toronto.

Inzlicht says he can defeat “prejudice.” Of course the only “prejudice” he is targeting is alleged prejudice by white people.

Inzlicht is advocating extreme measures. He says white people should be trained to imitate blacks people. Through intense brainwashing and conditioning, he says he can fix white people.

He also suggests the same intense brainwashing might make people like homosexuals more as well.

While Inzlict says white people must undergo this intense brainwashing to “empathize” with blacks, he sees nothing wrong with being a Jewish chauvinist himself. Inzlict says that being Jewish gives him insight into the issue that other people don’t have.

Except on Inzlict’s bizarre advocation for brainwashing. Asking white people to mirror the movements of a black person lowers their levels of implicit prejudice.