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White leftists claim media falsely stigmatizes blacks.

Members of all race, including blacks themselves, associate black people with violence. White liberals blame the media, even though the media goes way out of it’s way to downplay black crime. Major media bosses now openly confess that they censor black crime in their publications.

Take for instance all the television shows based in New York City where the criminal is white. In reality, well over 90% of all violent crime in NYC is committed by a black or Latino. The media portrays the exact opposite.

From UK Daily Mail…

As the song from hit musical Avenue Q says, everyone’s a little bit racist – but scientists believe it may not be your fault. Instead they are blaming TV, the internet and even the books that we read.

Researchers from Georgia Tech’s School of Psychology in the U.S. used a word association test to discover that most people have ‘built-in’ prejudices.

However, this racism isn’t necessarily something they believe in, but something that seeps into the subconscious from modern-day culture, they claim.