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White woman executed by two blacks.

This got a tiny blip in the news and there was no mention of race. If the races were reversed, this would be a national news story. The media would scream “racially motivated murder.”

From Mississippi Link…

A convicted felon confessed to shooting a woman in the back of the head so there would be no witness to a daylight burglary at a home in rural Rankin County, a detective testified last week at a hearing for two men charged with murder.

Rankin County Sheriff’s Department Chief Investigator Tim Lawless testified on Oct. 18, that Leslie Sheppard Doame, 36, was forced to kneel or lie down on the floor of her parents’ home before a blanket or shawl was put over her head and she was shot execution-style.

The testimony came during a preliminary hearing for Walter Burton, 36, and Jermaine Tyler, 30, both of Jackson. The men are charged with capital murder, which is defined in Mississippi as a killing that takes place during the commission of another felony. The underlying offense in this case is burglary. The men could face the death penalty, if convicted.