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Who is the biggest threat to our Freedom?


The government, not “terrorists,” are the real threat to our freedom.

Currently the trial is going on for Umar the “underwear bomber.” Homeland Security has used this case as justification for a massive crackdown at our airports.

We now have dangerous body scanning x-ray machines and agents who are grabbing people’s genitals. Even US Congressmen have come forward to say agents squeezed their genitals. Law abiding American citizens are subjected to extreme harassment and public humiliation by TSA agents. The same agents who are routinely caught stealing people’s luggage.

The TSA has killed tourism and made the United States an international laughing stock. Government officials in countries like Venezuela and China now point to American airports as “a real police state.”

Even the man credited with founding the TSA says the program is a disaster and should be dismantled. Rep. John Mica (R. – FL), chairman of the House Transportation Committee, says he gives his own agency a D-. He says the TSA now costs over three times what it was originally supposed to cost. Mica says it has failed to do any good. He wants the agency dismantled and a return to privatized airport security.