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Two black twelve year olds maim woman in racially motivated attack.

Marion Hedges is in critical condition after a murderous attack by two black twelve year olds.

Two twelve year old black thugs waiting for a white female and her fourteen year old son to walk underneath them at a parking garage. Then they hurled a shopping cart at the mother and son. The woman is in critical condition.

The media is calling the attackers “youths,” a common media code word for “young black males.”

From New York Daily News…

A woman was clinging to life Sunday after a shopping cart — pushed off a ledge by a group of teens in East Harlem — plummeted four stories and landed on her head, cops and witnesses said.

The 47-year-old woman was with a young boy when the red cart dropped from a walkway that connects a Target store to a parking lot near E. 116th St. and Pleasant Ave. about 5:45 p.m., cops and witnesses said.

Moments before, Carlos Vargas, 35, said he spotted the young hooligans pushing the cart near the fourth-level parking lot.

“Their friend was trying to stop it, saying, ‘Don’t do it!’ ” Vargas recalled. “But they didn’t care.”

“Whatever happens, happens,” Vargas said one of the teens responded before they launched the cart from the overhead walkway.