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ADL can't find any real antisemitism.

Is this really "crude and offensive" antisemetism? Or is the ADL desperate to justify it's own existance.

The ADL calls itself a Jewish group that fights antisemitism.

It is actually an extremely well financed far-left political group that is run by people who are Jewish and subscribe to far-left politics. They use their Jewishness as a weapon against criticism. If you criticize their left-wing political agenda, you are denounced as an “antisemitism.”

Their name “Anti-Defamation League” has become a joke, because the primary function of the group is to defame other people. It is also one of the leading proponents of censorship in the United States. ADL chairman Abe Foxman is one of the highest paid “not for profit” execs in the nation.

The ADL needs to find cases of antisemetism to justify it’s own existence. Yet, they ADL seem to be having a harder time finding cases of antisemitism. Their latest target are these billboard advertising Vodka.

The owner of the Vodka company says he has received death threats and been called a “nazi” following the ADL attack. He is pulling the billboards.

Read article in New York Post.