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"Brown Pride" Velasquez goes down in 64 seconds.

Photo From Associated Press

Cain Velasquez ruined the UFC debut on the FOX network by getting knocked out in the first 64 seconds of a 30 minute fight.

FOX allotted one hour of scheduled time to the fight. The first 35 minutes were filled with extremely boring fluff. None of the seven other matches on the fight card were shown.

Cain is best known for his giant “Brown Pride” tattoo on his chest. Yesterday he told reporters that he would be fighting for “la raza,” which means “the race.”

Leading up to the fight, cameras zoomed in on Latinos with Mexican flags. Two in the front row even waved a “Brown Pride” banner.

Instead of being attacked, the media seems to love Cain Velasquez for his tattoo and explicit racialism. He was even called a “Hispanic role model” by MMA weekly.

Cain was humiliated by Junior Dos Santos of Brazil.