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Caged In: Some Kosovo Serbs holding out.

Kosovo was once a province of Serbia. Illegal aliens from Muslim Albania flooded across the border and formed violent militias. These militias began torching churches and Serbian institutions and violently expelling Serbs from neighborhoods. Professional Jihadists from Al-Qaeda and other groups swarmed to Kosovo from Chechnya, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia. The US government, under Clinton, attacked Serbia and provided military aid to the illegal aliens and Jihadists. Control of Kosovo was turned over to the illegal aliens, who immediately began a campaign of genocide.

Imagine if illegal aliens from Mexico formed militias, attacked whites and blacks, and burned down churches and institutions belonging to whites and blacks. Imagine that heavily armed re-enforcements with military training spilled across the border to help them. Then the US army deploys to protect American citizens. A coalition of foreign countries declares that the US is violating the human rights of the illegal alien militias and bombs Washington DC. This is exactly what the Clinton administration did to Serbia.

Today Kosovo is a radical Islamic state and the center of the European drug trade. It is the main distribution center in Europe for narcotics from Afghanistan. It is also the center and safe-haven for violent Jihadists in Europe.