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EU bans x-rays scanners at airports.

The EU banned the x-ray scanners now widely used in American airports. EU policy makers said the scanners are potentially harmful to your health, ineffective, and an invasion of privacy.

The United States has become an international laughing stock for it’s airport security measures. Countries like China and Venezuela point to US airport security as an example of a “real police state.” In Europe, polls shows that US airport security is a major deterrent for US tourism.

The US is now widely viewed by foreigners as an emerging police state because of our airport security.

From AP…

EU member states and airports do not have an obligation to deploy security scanners, but if they decide to use them, they will have to comply with the EU-wide operational standards.

Under the new EU law, security scanners must not store or copy any of the images, and the security staff analyzing the images will be in a room separate from where the actual screening is conducted. In addition, passengers must be informed and be given the right to choose an alternative method of screening.

And in order not to risk citizens’ health and safety, only security scanners that do not use X-ray technology can be used at EU airports.

“The most important provision is that every passenger has the right to opt out and ask for the use of an alternative method,” said Helen Kearns, spokeswoman for the transport commission.

The x-ray machines were tested in Hessen Germany sparking outrage. Airport authorities quickly concluded that the technology would not be effective in detecting weapons. In the US, the failure rate of the x-ray machines is a state secret. Recently a US congressman who was shown the data stated that the American public would be outraged if they new how ineffective the machines actually are.

In Boston, which has used the machines the longest, the TSA labor union charges that the machines have caused a dramatic spike in cancer among long term TSA employees.

Members of the Libertarian “Pirate Party” protest an x-ray machine test site in Germany.

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