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Is the TSA giving you cancer?

The European Union just banned x-ray body scanners at European airports. The move was done primarily because the machines were found to be a health hazard, and secondly because they were found to be very ineffective.

Meanwhile in the US Senate, the TSA has reneged on a promise to study the possible health hazards of the x-ray machines.

Rather than let the independent study proceed, the TSA cancelled it and simply declared that the machines are “safe.” The TSA claims that conducting the study might give a “perception” that the machines are dangerous.


The Transportation Security Administration may back off a plan to conduct an independent study of the health effects of airport body scanners, saying a soon-to-be-released inspector general’s report validates earlier conclusions that the machines are not harmful.

TSA Administrator John Pistole testified November 2 at a Senate hearing that he would conduct an independent study of backscatter machines, which use radiation to detect any objects that may be under clothing.

But on Tuesday, he told CNN a draft report by the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security likely will eliminate the need for a new study.