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Left-wing thugs enter Poland to attack parade.

Hundreds of masked left-wing thugs go on a violent rampage in Warsaw. Nearly half of them traveled from outside of Poland.

Europe’s extreme left-wing shows their vicious nature in Poland.

Thousands of Poles, many from right-wing groups, marched in a Polish Independence Day parade in Warsaw on November 11th. Hundreds of left-wing extremists attempted to block the parade route and battled with police. 210 left-wing extremists were arrested and nearly half of those are from Germany.

Websites for multiple left-wing/communist gangs in German recruited people to travel to Warsaw. The left-wing gangs blocked part of the parade route and then battled with police and committed assaults against people involved in the march.

The left-wing gang members set 14 police cars and a TVN news van were set on fire. The Prime Minister of Poland has vowed to give the thugs the harshest penalties “regardless of nationality.”

Polish Independence say celebrates the re-birth of Poland at the end of WWI. Poland had not existed as a nation for 123 years.

From AFP…

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Saturday condemned activists who clashed with police during Independence Day rallies, describing them as “commandos imported from Germany and other nations”.

Officers in full riot gear, armed with shields and truncheons, used tear gas and water cannons on rival groups of demonstrators, as masked protesters hurled rocks and bottles back at them.

Ninety-two Germans were among 210 people arrested by Polish police after the clashes in Warsaw that left dozens of people hurt, police said Saturday.

“They were aggressive towards passers-by and when surrounded by the police they were aggressive towards the officers,” police spokesman Maciej Karczynski told AFP. “They were arrested.”

Hanka Kubicka, a spokeswoman for anti-far-right movement the November 11 Agreement which organised several of the rallies, said the Germans were “anti-fascism activists”.

“They answered our call (to demonstrate) and our rallies were open to everyone,” she said.

Other foreigners detained during Friday’s violence included a Dane, a Hungarian and a Spaniard, according to the police.

Tusk said that “good cooperation with the German police had enabled the troublemakers to be tracked” in Poland.

Germany’s ambassador to Poland Ruediger Freiherr von Fritsch said the violence was unjustified.

“I am sorry that, at the moment Poland was celebrating freedom, some chose to abuse it. Freedom doesn’t justify recourse to violence — not in your own country and not in a host country,” he told Polish television channel TVN24.

Those injured included 40 policemen.

Polish Independence Day Parade in Warsaw

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