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Nationalist marches growing in Europe.

The “Immortals” hold marches in Germany to call for an end to immigration and for ethnic Germans to have more children. Currently the birthrate among Germans is a dismal 1.3 children per family. The group wears masks during marches because German has no free speech protections and activists are often harassed. The group uses social media to draw supporters to an area for a demonstration before police can act to break it up. The march in the video occurred in downtown Bautzen in the state of Saxony. The “mainstream media” reported that only 150 people participated even though video footage shows well over one thousand.

[youtube bkU6KTjLTYU]

In Russia, the Federal government banned the mainstream “Movement to Stop Illegal Immigration.” The group had held huge marches with many thousands of supporters. The Russian government said it was preventing “ethnic tension.” Leaders of the banned group said that it’s members would be forced to be even more radical to get their voices heard.

Just days ago, over 5,000 Russians nationalists marched in Moscow for Russian Unity Day.

[youtube Y6JuMwbfHDI]