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Obama's extremist America hating "science czar."

"Science Czar" John P Holdren is one of Obama's most extreme appointments ever.

Obama’s extremist “science czar” John P Holdren has advocated extremely dangerous policies for not just the US, but the entire earth. He is also a radical Marxist who calls for the “de-development” the United States. He calls for reducing the American standard of living to close the gap with the 3rd world!

In 1986 John P Holdren predicted that “man made global warming” would “kill one billion people by 2020.” The best scientific evidence shows that CO2 levels have not changed in 160 years, Antarctic ice is at an high mark, and the earth may be in a cooling phase. Holdren continues to advocate extreme worldwide police state tactics to fight “man made global warming.” Back in the 1970s he was part of a group of scientists that claimed the population of the earth was already critically high. He claimed a “mass die off” would occur in the 1980s.

Holdren calls the United States “the stingiest and meanest of all the wealthy countries.”

Holdren wrote a book in 1977 advocating mass sterilization of women through additives in the water supply. He called for forced abortions if a woman already had two children.

Holdren has repeatedly advocated spraying the earth’s atmosphere with dangerous toxic salts to fight “global warming.”


During a keynote address before a gathering of Goldman Sachs luminaries on ‘Energy, Environment and the Financial Markets’ in 2007, Holdren proposed several options to “combat climate change”. The most remarkable of which include (page 43) ““Scrub” greenhouse gases from the atmosphere technologically” and ““Geo-engineering” to create cooling effects offsetting greenhouse heating.”

As we know, it is not the first time Holdren proposed spraying the atmosphere. The interesting thing regarding his PowerPoint presentation before the international bankers, is that it preceded his statements in favour of geo-engineering in 2009 and the subsequent outrage, which ultimately caused him to back-pedal on his proposals. Despite the controversy, Holdren maintained at a MIT-seminar that the geo-engineering option should not be discarded. The elitist Counsel on Foreign Relations wholeheartedly agrees with him. In the course of 2008, the CFR held several workshops dedicated to ‘Planetary Scale Geoenigineering’ efforts after painting the environmental situation as being direr than the facts suggest.

These are the type of extreme "geo-manipulation" schemes that Holdren has advocated. Conspiracy theorists often claim some of these are already being implemented.

Holdren advocates that Americans must accept a reduced standard of living closer to that of the 3rd world.


The function of such welfare is twofold: to enrich citizens of the Global South and to impoverish Americans for their own good. In a 2006 paper, Holdren noted that reducing “GDP per person” — that is, cutting your personal wealth — also reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions. True, it is “not a lever that most people would want to use to reduce emissions”; “People are not getting rich as fast as they think, however, if GDP growth is being achieved at the expense of the environmental underpinnings of well-being” (pp. 15-16).

Holdren addressed the economic costs of his massive restructuring of the economy some 32 years ago, acknowledging it “will entail considerable retraining and temporary unemployment in the workforce” (p. 853). Yet he continues to support economy-crushing energy taxation. In a 1997 press conference, he surmised that if alternative energy sources were to get a foothold, either they “would have to get a great deal cheaper, which seems unlikely, or natural gas would have to get considerably more expensive. The latter is actually a good idea.” One is hardly encouraged to learn that last December, environmentalist Dr. James Hansen sent a four-page letter via Holdren to “Michelle and Barack.” (Hansen wrote it as surgeons in Vienna placed a stent in his wife’s chest following an unexpected heart attack.) His personal note to “John” states, “When gasoline hits $4-5/gallons again, most of that should be tax.” Five months earlier, Holdren rated Hansen “one of the most distinguished climate scientists in the world.