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Occupy Santa Cruz accused of dumping 200# of human feces.

Two hundred pounds of human feces were dumped near the Santa Cruz Veterans building after 1/4th mile from the Occupy Santa Cruz encampment.

A hazmat crew was called in to remove the waste.

The county Sheriff’s office had already compiled a list of 93 problems with the Occupy encampment.


County officials this week released a list of 93 complaints of disruptive and illegal behavior near the county’s main offices and courthouse, adjacent to the Occupy Santa Cruz camp.

Since the camp was joined by dozens of tents that belong to the homeless, county workers and others have documented drug and alcohol use, public urination and defecation, littering, bathing in county restrooms, fights and more. Two pieces of artwork on display at the county building were vandalized – although county officials said it is not known who was responsible for it.

Several planned courthouse marriages also had to be moved, deputy April Skalland said Friday.

“The Sheriff’s Office supports the rights of freedom of speech and assembly. The Sheriff’s Office recognizes there are individuals who have opportunistically associated themselves with Occupy Santa Cruz as cover for criminal and anti-social behavior,” Skalland said.

The Sheriff’s Office report outlined dozens of scofflaws at the Occupy Santa Cruz and homeless camp since Oct. 2.