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Pat Buchanan's Must Read New Book


I could tell Pat Buchanan’s new book was going to be a bombshell by the shrill cries of horror by the left-wing media.

Pat Buchanan has written ten books, which have become major sellers. This book is his Magnus Opus. He has declared that this will be his last book. He decided to remove all the stops. With previous books he had to worry about cutting his career short. This time he is saying, come and get me lefties.

As soon as the book hit stores, a campaign demanding that Pat Buchanan be fired from MSNBC was launched. Buchanan expected as much. James Rucker is organizing the hate campaign against Buchanan. He is a board member of the extremist left-wing/Marxist Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC]. The SPLC has a long history of promoting censorship and book burning.

The book is Titled “Suicide of a Superpower.” It predicts that the US will not survive; in it’s present form, past 25. The book follows the rapid decline of social cohesion in the US since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.

Buchanan blasts what he calls “the Diversity Cult,” a belief that multiculturalism is strength. Few Americans actually believe this doctrine.

Even the so called “true believes” are easily shown to be hypocrites. Michael Moore rails against white people and praises non-white immigration. He says non-white immigrants will save the US. Meanwhile Michael Moore lives in Michigan in the nations single whitest major metropolitan area. The same hypocrisy is seen with the Clinton family. They publicly praised the decline of whites in the US and claimed to love racial diversity. Then they sent their daughter to the single whitest private school in all of DC. After leaving office they moved into one of the whitest parts of New York City.