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SA cops allow racially motivated torturer to escape.

A white female college student was abducted in South Africa, raped, and tortured for hours. She was stabbed a total of 23 times. She miraculously survived.

Two black cops removed the suspects shackles because he “felt ill.” He escaped out a bathroom window. The two cops were arrested, but released on a warning.

The attack appears to be yet another in the ongoing racial holocaust against white people in South Africa.

From News24…

The 22-year-old Tuks student who was stabbed 23 times before being raped and left for dead last week is an “incredibly strong and courageous woman”, one of her doctors says.

“The strength of the Lord is shining through her and her mother,” said Dr Lets Pretorius on Monday after visiting the student in ICU where she was in a stable condition. Eight of her knife wounds were potentially fatal.

Pretorius helped Dr Stefan Rawlins, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and Dr Pieter Coertze, an orthopaedic surgeon, in the lengthy emergency operation on the student following the attack.

The student from Magalieskruin, Pretoria, who was put on antiretroviral treatment following the rape, gave permission to her mother and Pretorius to give details about her injuries.

Pretorius said a neurosurgeon had to help remove the point of the knife blade, which broke off in her skull. “Judging from the stab wounds, I suspect her attacker was left-handed,” he said.