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Showdown with Iran could be Immanent.

Strait of Hormuz. Iran says it will throw everything it has into the strait and shell Saudi coastal assets if attacked. The Pentagon believes Iran could successfully block oil for thirty days.

Just days ago the Pentagon unveiled a massive new bunker buster bomb. A spokesman for the pentagon told reporters it was not specifically intended for Iran, even though no reporter had asked if it was.

Iran says they will dump their vast stockpile of mines into the Strait of Hormuz and shell Saudi oil assets along the coast.

The pentagon has released a report starting the Iran could conceivably shut down traffic in the Persian Gulf for thirty days. This would remove 1/3rd of the worlds oil supply from the market. The result would send oil to record highs and cause great damage to the world economy.

A strike on Iran would likely cause turmoil in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon. The possibility exists for strikes to turn into a much larger regional war.

“Time has come to act” says Israeli defense minister.

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