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Subliminal Promotion of Miscegenation by AFP

The AFP, an international news wire based in France, sent out an article on the so-called “kindness gene.” However, it is the photo included with the article that makes it sinister. While discussing a possible genetic basis for kindness or lack of kindness, the AFP shows an unrelated stock photo of a black male hand holding a white female hand.

The writers at AFP must lack the kindness gene themselves. They are actively encouraging white women to engage in extremely dangerous behavior.

Woman who have relations with black men are in dramatically higher risk categories for being infected with HIV/AIDS or being murdered than all other women.

A major study on spousal homicide concluded that white women married to black men were the single highest risk category.

White women married married to black men are 12.4 times more likely to be a victim of spousal homicide than white women married to white men. Black men are a third more likely to murder their wife if she is white, compared to blacks married to black women.

More data:

“The National Black Women’s Health Project” has identified the battering of women as the number one health issue for African American women (Joseph, 1997).

Femicide (the murder of a female by a current or former love interest) is a leading cause of premature deaths in African American women aged 15-44. (Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol 7, No. 1)

In 1998, Salber and Taliaferro reported that the spousal homicide rate among African Americans is 8.4 times more than for whites. The incidence of spousal homicide is 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages compared to intraracial marriages. (Source

According to the CDC:

Black females aged 15-19 are 3.9 times more likely to die of homicide or AIDS than white females in the same age group. This increases to 4.4 time for females aged 20-24 and 7.3 times for 25-34.

AIDS the leading cause of death for black women aged 25–34 years.

Among women aged 15-24, homicide accounts for 5% of premature deaths in white females, but 20% of all premature deaths by black females.