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Top Israel ambassador under attack for meeting Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen with Israel ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor.

Marine Le Pen visited the United States. There were receptions for her in at the UN headquarters in NYC, a private residence in Palm Beach, and also in DC.

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) and Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) met with Marine Le Pen in Washington DC.

The big story is that one of Israeli’s leading diplomats met with her in New York. He attended her reception at UN headquarters for twenty minutes and then allowed his picture to be taken with her. He immediately came under attack by left-wing American Jewish groups and some newspapers in Israel. He now claims that he went into the wrong room by mistake and it took him twenty minutes to figure out where he was.

The UN ambassador from the Congo also entered the reception and immediately turned around and left. He says he was on his way to another meeting and entered the wrong room.

Bill Diamond, a Palm Beach Florida city councilman and former NYC official under Rudolph Giuliani held a dinner reception for Marine Le Pen in his $4 million dollar home in Palm Beach. 200 people attended.

Diamond, who is Jewish, was denounced by the extremist Anti-Defamation League.

The Boston Herald and Miami Herald attacked Marine Le Pen and stated that she should have used her trip to visit the Holocaust Museum.