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US Students arrested for violence in Egypt. Direct OWS & Obama connections.

These three American citizens were arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails in Tahrir Square in Egypt.

Egypt announced the arrest of three Americans for violence in Egypt. One of them is a former Obama for president campaign worker. He also appears to be the same person who stated “we have bombs” on video at a OWS protest. Are these men professional agent provocateurs and who is paying them???

The black man, named Tinsley, in the picture was arrested by the NYPD after calling on OWS protesters to “burn the city down” and saying he would throw a Molotov cocktail at Macy’s. Tinsley was captured on video making the statements. He was arrested the same day at 5:00 PM Nov. 16th. Another man, seen in this picture, states “they have missiles, we have bombs” on the video.

The three men in the second picture are in Egypt. They were arrested on Nov. 18th for throwing a molotov cocktail in Tahrir Square. Is he the same man seen in New York City with Tinsley?

The three were studying Arabic at American University in Egypt. According to another student, the trio had just returned to Egypt that day.

From UK Guardian…

Officials at all four universities involved said they are working with the US State Department and the Egyptian government to get the Americans released.

Video footage taken from the protests in Cairo shows at least two of the students, their faces covered by bandanas, taking part alongside the Egyptians.

Are the three men arrested in Egypt professional agent provacateurs. If so, who is paying them.

Mr Gates, the oldest of the captured students, had been sending Tweets from Cairo about attending the massive rallies.
Intern: Derrick Sweeney worked in Blaine Luetkemeyer’s (pictured) office in Washington

Intern: Derrick Sweeney worked in congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer’s (pictured) office in Washington

‘Earlier tonight rubber bullets a charge and then a retreat, my knee and elbow are f***** up,’ he wrote two days ago.

The Twitter messages are erratic, but numerous. At one point, Mr Gates Tweets: ‘I am a world citizen. Can I renounce my US citizenship on Twitter? haha’ ‘Honestly, hopefully I die here,’ he says later.

Tens of thousands of Egyptian protesters have filled iconic Tahrir Square and clashed with police, demanding the country’s interim Egyptian rulers hand over power to a civilian government.

Based on his Twitter activity, it appears Mr Gates, at least, willingly got involved in the protests. Mr Sweeney’s mother, Joy, told CNN that she cannot believe the accusations against her son.

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