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Victim of racially motivated maiming was shopping for "underprivileged" black children.

Victim of a cruel and horrifying racially motivated hate crime. The perpetrators are two twelve year old black thugs.

Marion Hedges remains in critical condition after two 12 year old black thugs dropped a shopping cart on her from four stories. The two thugs simply wanted to do harm to any white pedestrian. Because of their age, they will be slapped on the wrist with almost no penalty.

Hedges is a local philanthropist who had just finished buying Halloween candy in bulk. The candy was meant for mostly black “underprivileged” children.

If the races had been reversed, this would have been the biggest news story in the western world. Since it is blacks who attacked a white, it has been largely covered up by the media.

From Fox News…

One of the two pre-teen boys charged with dropping a shopping cart over a fourth-story railing in New York City — nearly killing a philanthropist who was shopping for underprivileged kids — could be sentenced to as little as probation after pleading guilty to felony assault Friday.

“I held the shopping cart over and I knew people was down there,” the 12-year-old said, admitting his guilt before Family Court Judge Susan Larabee.

“And I knew somebody could have gotten hurt.”

Prosecutors said that victim Marion Hedges remains in serious condition from being struck by the cart. Hedges’ family agrees with the deal, they said.

The 47-year-old Manhattan real estate agent had just bought Halloween candy in bulk from the nearby Costco. Her 13-year-old son was with her and watched in horror as his mom was struck down by the plummeting cart.

The boy faces a sentence ranging from probation to up to 18 months in a state juvenile jail. His next court appearance was scheduled for Dec. 6.