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Women hurt the most by immigration into Europe.

White slavery is making a huge comeback in Europe and it is overwhelmingly perpetrated by non-European immigrants.

From Occidental Observer…

What’s also noticeable is that Islamic men tend to seek sexual intercourse with Dutch women, but at the same time they don’t seek a more durable relationship or children with these women. In Islamic culture marriage is deeply enmeshed in kinship relationships and not uncommonly is consanguineous (i.e., marriage with close relatives, typically first cousins). This pattern typifies the kinship-based eusociality characteristic of the Middle East (including traditional Jewish groups) and is the diametric opposite of Western marriage practices centered around individualist choice of marriage partner unenmeshed in extended kinship relationships (see “Altruism’s bloody roots“). Around 25% of Morrocans and Turks marry a close relative.

The sexual exploitation of Dutch women brings me to the phenomenon of the “loverboy”. In Dutch culture the English term ‘loverboy’ means the wooing of a woman by a man with the intention to force the woman into prostitution. In many cases the man uses a mix of mental pressure (he loves her, but needs money) and violence to make her prostitute herself.

The great majority of the ‘loverboys’ are of foreign descent, most notably Muslims. There has been extensive research by social scientists on this topic. The government-sponsored Willem Pompe Institute for Criminology released some figures on the ethnic composition of the group of loverboys in Amsterdam in 2004: 83% were of Dutch nationality, but of this number 37% was Moroccan, 17% was Turkish, 14% Surinam, 12% Antilleans and 7% of other descent (page 14). Looking at the ethnic composition of the Amsterdam population in 2004 there were 8,5% of Morrocan descent, 5,1% of Turkish descent, 9,6% of Surinam descent and 1,6% of Antillean descent (page 11). In both absolute and relative numbers minorities are overrepresented, the Antillean (Caribbean Blacks) by a factor of 7.

It is safe to say that over half of the loverboys are Muslims, but we should not dismiss the fact that a quarter of them are Blacks (Surinam and Antillean). Among Dutch passport holders only 13% can pass as native Dutch and this number sinks below 10% of we take into account that there are no native Dutch in the 17% non-Dutch passport holders among the loverboys in Amsterdam. In any case, it is an under representation by a factor of 5 because 51,3% of the Amsterdam population in 2004 was native Dutch. In another report of the Willem Pompe Institute for Criminology of 2006 professor Frank Bovenkerk acknowledges (page 20) that foreign men are at least partly driven by a contempt for the lifestyle of Western women.