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Worst Countries are all located in Sub-Saharan Africa.

According to the Failed State Index. Seven of the worst ten countries are located in Sub-Saharan Africa. Another is Haiti, which has a population that comes from Sub-Saharan Africa. The other two countries are current warzones.

The top thirteen best performing states are all overwhelmingly white.

According to the UN Human Development Index. The top eleven states are all overwhelmingly white. The worst fifteen are all in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The BBC laments the fact that the Congo is a chronic failed states, but like all “mainstream” media it must dance around the issue of race.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is two thirds the size of Western Europe and full of vast natural resources. Diamonds, gold, copper, zinc, cobalt, and rare earth magnets. It is also the perfect climate for many cash crops like coffee, sugar, and tea.

So why does it remain a virtual hell on earth? Why are the worst countries on earth all located in Sub-Saharan Africa?

From BBC…

I asked a university colleague if he thought things could get worse.

“When you are rock bottom, you can still dig deeper,” was his response.

Public administration is in shambles. Civil servants have mutated into predators.

Ferdinand Munguna is a retired railway worker in Lubumbashi, the mineral capital of DR Congo in the south of the country.

He has to bribe the man working in the pension office who requires “motivation” before processing the old man’s file. Mr Munguna complains that his pension is “hardly enough to buy soap”.

Starting a business in DR Congo takes 65 days compared to the sub-Saharan African average of 40 days. In neighbouring Rwanda it takes three days.

And guess which country has one of the worst air safety records worldwide?

The prestigious Foreign Policy magazine’s Failed States Index puts DR Congo in the critically failed category. Only Somalia, Chad and Sudan (when it included South Sudan) have worse rankings.

The recently released UNDP report on human development indicators put the former Belgian colony at the bottom of the 187 countries it surveyed.