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Apparent racially motivated torture/murder in South Carolina.

Beverly Hope Melton

A 23 year old black man has been arrested for the abduction, rape, torture, and murder of Beverly Hope Melton.


Kershaw County deputies say a man followed a 30-year-old woman who was shopping, kidnapped her, sexually assaulted her, killed her and left her body in a field on Monday.

According to investigators, Beverly Hope Melton called her grandmother on Monday afternoon and said that a man was following her near a Jefferson store and she was afraid.

Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said that Chesterfield County deputies responded to the reported abduction and found Melton’s car in a ditch on Angelus Road near Jefferson. The car was in reverse, still running, and Melton’s pocketbook was still inside, deputies said.

Deputies went to the convenience store where Melton had been earlier in the day. Investigators said surveillance video from the store showed 23-year-old Nickolas Miller harassing Melton. They said the video also showed Miller’s vehicle.