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BBC re-invents Pakistan as major enemy.

Since 2001, Pakistan has been portrayed to the public as an ally. The Obama administration currently funds the Pakistan military with $2.6 Billion US taxpayer dollars a year. Under the Obama administration, the Pentagon has even exported American armament manufacturing jobs to Pakistan.

Why wasn’t any of the information in this video presented to the public before now. If the information is true, why has it been hidden from the public for so long?

The BBC documentary focus largely on vilifying Pakistani Lt. General Mahmud Ahmed. The media appears to be transforming the General from long time US ally to secret terrorist leader.

The General led Pakistani troops into battle during two wars with India. He also worked side by side with American intelligence officials to arm and train groups like Al-Qaeda to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

He was a major consultant to the Pentagon in 2001. He was discussing Osama Bin Laden with US congressmen Porter Goss and Bob Graham over breakfast in DC the morning of the 9/11 attacks. He retired from his post with the Pentagon a few weeks later. The media in India reported that he bankrolled the 9/11 hijackers with $100,000. The US government dismissed the claim.

Can we really believe anything the “mainstream” media says about any foreign nation?

[youtube YBq684IR5tQ]