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BBC: US/NATO backed forces targeted Negroes in Libya.

This town was once home to 30,000 Sub-Saharan Negroes. They were descendants of slaves. Now the town is a burned out husk and many of the survivors are housed in concentration camps for Negroes.

Once again was right all alone. We told you since the beginning of the Libyan war that “rebel” forces backed by Obama and Hillary were randomly slaughtering dark skinned sub-Saharan Africans.

The “mainstream” media denied that dark skinned Africans were being targeted and claimed the allegations were a “hoax.” The “mainstream” media is the real hoax.

The Obama administration provided direct military aid to radical Arab Jihadists, some with admitted ties to Al-Qaeda, who carried at a campaign of genocide against Sub-Saharan Negroes. Tens of thousands were killed, and tens of thousands more now reside in concentration camps.

From BBC…

In the middle of August, between the end of the siege and the killing of Gaddafi, Misratan forces drove out everyone living in Tawergha, a town of 30,000 people. Human rights groups have described this as an act of revenge and collective punishment possibly amounting to a crime against humanity.

Tawerghans are mostly descendants of black slaves. They are generally poor, were patronised by the Gaddafi regime and were broadly supporters of his regime. Some signed up to fight for him as the regime fought for its survival.

What happened in Misrata and Tawergha revealed one of the fault lines in Libya. It illustrates how difficult national reconciliation is going to be in some areas. It can also be seen as an example of the victors in the war that overthrew Gaddafi imposing summary and brutal justice on some of the communities that sided with the former regime and were vanquished.