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Black murder suspect blames six year old white murder victim of racism.

Lee Crutchfield, a black male in St. Louis, admitted to beating the six year old son of his white live in girlfriend. He is defiant and blames the six year old. He told police that the six year old racially abused him.


In a video interrogation played in court, Crutchfield at first repeatedly told police he “had no dealings with Ryon” in the days before the death. Then, a fuller picture emerged.

Crutchfield described how Ryon was a difficult child who often hurled racial insults at him. Crutchfield is black, the boy’s mother is white.

“I can’t stand to be around a child that is disrespectful,” Crutchfield told police.

He alleged that the boy would fake seizures and urinate all over the house. The boy was given a diaper and often locked in a closet, police said.

Crutchfield said he punched Ryon twice in the head because the boy was biting his finger about two days before he was found dead.

Ryon died from blunt force trauma, prosecutors said. A former Cahokia police officer broke down crying in court when shown a photo of the dead child.

White women who date black men put themselves and their loved ones in extreme risk. A recent study showed that white women married to black men are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their husbands than white women married to white men. As we have shown on in the past, it is not just the women who have high rates of being murdered. Children from previous relationships also face a high murder rate.