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Four granted new trials in Christian & Newsome killings.


The trials took four years and put the families through hell. They were forced to look at photos of their children’s mutilated body parts.

Just when the families thought it was all over, lawyers began clamoring for new trials. Today Special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood granted four of them new trials. This includes the trio who gang raped and tortured the couple to death, and the female accomplice.

The reason for the new trial is that the original judge, Baumgartner, has been convicted of abusing prescription drugs. He was abusing the drugs while the trials took place. The four can not be given harsher sentences or convicted of extra crimes in the new trial. They can only be convicted and sentenced to equal or less than what they got the first time around.

News has sparked a wave of anger in Knoxville, who though they had put the Knoxville Horror behind them. The original four trials cost taxpayers $1.1 million dollars. Attorney fees alone cost $570,000.