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George Soros paying for content on US "mainstream" news.

ProPublica is a left-wing, globalist news outlet funded by two infamous sub-prime mortgage hustlers. The outfit has received $250,000 in funding from Soros in the past two years.

NBC just announced a new partnership with ProPublica. It will now air content directly from the foreign funded left-wing globalist news outlet.

The following news outlets also have partnerships with ProPublica:

60 Minutes, CNN, ABC World News, USA Today, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Politico,, Slate, MSN Money,, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, Business Week, This American Life, and US taxpayer supported NPR.

ProPublica was founded by the billionaire banking duo Herbet and Marion Sandler. The couple once gave $11 million dollars to the radical far-left ACORN. This group has so much baggage and criminal charges against members that it has since changed it’s name. After receiving the money, ACORN went to war with Wachovia bank, who at the time was a direct competitor with the Sandler’s.

The Sandlers are members of the Democracy Alliance with George Soros. This is a private club of super wealthy leftists, who are financing left-wing movements all over North America, Europe, and Eurasia.

Marion Sandler also helped found the radical left-wing Center for American Progress with self-describe “real life Fox Moulder” John Podesta.

Can any of these media outlets pretend to be “mainstream” when they are airing content paid for by a notorious foreign Billionaire? A man who made much of his money by intentionally causing financial problems in several countries. A man who’s Jewish father first became wealthy while collaborating with Nazi party officials in Hungary. Officials who were seizing the property of other Jews and deporting them to Poland.

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The Sandlers, who founded ProPublica, were jointly named on Time magazines’ “The top 25 people to blame for the mortgage crises.”

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