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Hollywood gives history another racial make-over.

Thomas Bruso became an internet hero due to a video of him humiliating an attacker on a public bus. He is white and the attacker is black. Two black females scream anti-white racial slurs and egg the attacker on in the video. Hollywood transformed him into a Mexican who is attacked by two white "skinheads."

A new movie called “Bad Ass” is inspired by the famous “Epic Beard Man” video that became an internet sensation. The video shows an older white man being harassed by a younger black thug. Two black women yell racial slurs and egg the man on. The white victim moves to the front of the bus and the black thug follows him and attacks. The attack ends with the thug getting beat up by his intended victim.

Notice how Hollywood twists the real event. In their version, a Mexican man is harassed and attacked by two white “skinheads” on a bus.

Anti-white Hollywood movie.

[youtube U6UCHk5pFmU]

The movie’s creator admit to basing the opening of the movie on Thomas Bruso who thwarted a racially motivated attack on a public bus.

[youtube lQJFv9SMSMQ]