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IL keeps releasing violent thug so he can attack more people.

King spent one year in prison for this racially motivated near fatal beating of a white female pedestrian on her birthday. She lost twenty teeth and needed 85 staples in her scalp.

Someone has surfaced in the news that wrote about before.

Derrick King has been arrested over and over. In 2008 brutally attacked a white female pedestrian, Jennifer Hall, on her 36th birthday. He was slapped on the wrist and released in 2009. One day after being released he was arrested for threatening another white female pedestrian with violence. He bragged to the woman about how he brutally beat Jennifer Hall in 2008.

Despite posing a major eminent threat to society. He was released again in 2010. Then arrested three more times, but they keep letting him out.

He has been arrested again for threatening to attack a pedestrian.

King is the perfect example of how American justice has completely collapsed. Elderly women and children are harassed and humiliated at the airports, while vicious blood thirsty thugs are allowed to commit violent crimes with impunity.

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