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Israeli TV: Jews must flee multicultural Europe.

For decades Jews were seen as leaders in the fight for open borders, non-western immigration, and multiculturalism. Now, these very immigrants target Jews for crime. As a result, there has been a mass exodus of European Jews from cities with high Muslim immigrant populations. The majority have moved to the United States and Canada.


The liberal media around the world were focused on this tree to highlight the complaint of a Dutch journalist, Paul Andersson Toussaint: “Antisemitism in Holland is again salonfähig”. This word means socially acceptable.

Sixty percent of Dutch Jews are ready to pack up and leave the country. The cause is a boom of Islamic antisemitism in the famous multicultural Netherlands.

The list of Dutch victims is dramatic: from the killing of the anti-Islamist political leader Pim Fortuyn to the persecution of the Somali dissident Ayaan Hirsi Ali to the murder of the director Theo Van Gogh, condemned to death for his film “Submission,” a denunciation of the crimes of Muslim theocracy. Fortuyn’s successor, Geert Wilders, has lived under 24-hour police protection for many years. Now the Dutch Jews are ready to flee Holland.

While Anne’s tree came down, a Jewish girl of the same age as the author of the famous “Diary” revealed to the newspaper Het Parool that she would not leave her house with a Star of David pendant around her neck. The fear is now dominating the Dutch streets. Prominent Dutch politician Frits Bolkestein just sparked an uproar in the Netherlands by saying that practicing Jews have “no future here and should emigrate to the US or Israel”.

Some Ethnic Jews continue to lead open border movements even as their cousins flee.

Anetta Kahane, an ethnic Jew, calls for more non-European immigration. Kahane is a maniac who wants total open borders and calls for the end to white ethnic nations.

[youtube QuYKtwnzG7M]

Babara Specter is one of the most absurd far-left activists in Europe. She is an ethnic Jew in Sweden and leads a Jewish oriented open borders advocacy group. She publicly admits that non-western immigration is causing major problems for Sweden. She admits that she is creating animosity towards Jews by putting a Jewish face on the open borders movement. She admits that Muslim immigrants especially like to target Jews for crimes. Yet she says “the transformation of Europe MUST take place.” She calls for the eradication of homogeneous European states.

[youtube eiaMKUL-GSY]

RT, wave of anti-Jewish crimes in Sweden perpetrated by Muslim immigrants.

[youtube cao8RA_hdLQ]