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Judge gives Somali immigrants free pass in brutal racially motivated attack.

From UK Mail Online. Rhea was brutally attacked because she is white.

Vicious female thugs blame alcohol and Western culture for causing them to commit assault. Judge says ok, you can go free.

A group of female Somalians brutally attacked a white female victim while screaming racial slurs. The entire assault was caught on video. When the thugs were taken to court they told the judge they weren’t used to being drunk because they are Muslims. The judge gave them a free pass. Instead of going to prison, they get to do three weeks of easy community service.

The attack was caught on video. The violent thugs continue to attack the victim even after a pedestrian tries to break up the attack. One of the thugs tries to continue the assault even after paramedics arrive and has to be held back.

Meanwhile the English authorities are holding a white woman in jail for “hate speech” on a public bus.

[youtube z6IU9UeLlJQ]

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