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Michigan state government forced to take over failing black cities.

Using an emergency powers act, the state of Michigan has seize control of several cities. The emergency powers act is invoked when the city’s elected officials become to corrupt and/or incompetent. All are heavily black. It has already taken over the Detroit school district and may be forced to take control of all of Detroit. Michigan is 14% black overall.

Currently under the control of the state:

Pontiac 60,000 52% Black (16% Hispanic)

Benton Harbor 10,000 93% Black

Flint 125,000 53% Black

Ecorse 11,000 41% Black

Detroit School District (Detroit 714,000 83% Black)

Formerly under the control of the state:

Highland Park 17,000 94% Black

Hamtramck 23,000 41% Foreign Born, 19% Black (Michigan’s “Most Internationally Diverse City”)

In danger of being taken over by the state:

Detroit 714,000 83% Black (As little as 5% white)

According to this Huffington Post article. Black run Detroit is in danger of being taken over by the state because it’s elected officials are so corrupt. Detroit’s scandalous black congressman is appealing to the disgraced US Attorney General, who is also black, to intervene.

US Congressmen John Conyers, representing Detroit, blames racial discrimination. The fact that Detroit residents keep voting to re-elect such a scandalous Congressman says a lot. His own wife is a former President pro tempore of the Detroit City Council. She was convicted of bribery and sent to prison!

It is time to hold a real discussion about race.