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NAACP wants UN to intervene in 2012 election.

NAACP want the United States to intervene in the 2012 US election to make it easier to cheat.


The NAACP is planning to go to Geneva to request UN intervention in the 2012 election. The NAACP is also demanding that state laws barring convicted felons from voting be overturned. The NAACP says these laws are unfair to blacks, since blacks commit felonies in great disproportionate to the rest of the population.

UN intervention in a US election would be unprecedented. However, while the NAACP is taking this extreme action, they have never addressed actual voter fraud in the black community.

In fact, the NAACP has it’s own scandalous history with voter fraud. Just this year, an NAACP official in MIssissippi was convicted of ten counts of voter fraud.

The NAACP claims Republicans are targeting the south for voter ID laws because southern states have higher proportions of black people.

Georgia and Alabama have seen actual cases of large scale voter fraud recently.