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Newsweek launches latest white hating issue.

Latest issue of Newsweek. The inflammatory front picture, meant to stir up hatred against white people, has nothing whatsoever to do with the article inside.

As we have reported several times in the past on, Newsweek has become one of the most radical, left-wing extremist publications in the nation. Following the publication of their “Is Your Baby Racist?” issue, the CofCC called for members to urge their barbers, dentists, and others to cancel their subscriptions. Newsweek was already hemorrhaging subscribers like crazy, but after that issue they began a free-fall collapse.

The Washington Post company began losing millions to keep the magazine afloat.In 2008, the Washington Post Company lost $16 million on the magazine. In 2009, they lost $29 million. The Washington Post then sold the toxic magazine essentially for free after losing $11 million in just the first quarter of 2010. The past and currently writers for Newsweek will probably lose their lucrative pensions as the rag sinks further. They just can’t seem to help themselves. Even as the magazine sinks further and further, they keep insulting their readers with anti-white articles.

From GeorgiaCouncil…

The cover article for the 28NOV11 edition of NW (Newsweek) was titled, “My life as a(n) (undercover) white supremacist”. But the events in the article occurred between 1991 and 1993? Yes. And the cover photograph of a burning cross silhouetting a bald head – has nothing to do with either the article nor anyone mentioned in it? Yes.

But the Left has got to keep the guilt-by-association-right-wing-extremist drumbeat going because (1) the Democrat in the White House isn’t polling well, (2) there hasn’t been any “right-wing-extremist” activity to smear the Right with lately, and (3) there will be some act perpetrated by someone in the near future, and Liberals will be able to point their finger of recent memory and say, “See, I told ya so.”

The featured FBI mole, John Matthews, spent all of 2 ½ years “palling around” with a man named Tom Posey and other “gun-toting” white men. Posey was ultimately convicted of – brace yourself – buying and selling night vision goggles! Eight pages of a feature story promoted by a concocted cover photo and no less than 22 uses of terms like “extremists”, “racist”, and “white separatist”, and all they report was a goggles bust!

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