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Nigerians "sacrifice" 12 on way to Italy.

Since Obama’s undeclared war on Libya began, the illegal alien floodgates were re-opened.

Now a group of Nigerians have been arrested for sacrificed at least twelve illegal aliens to calm stormy seas. Another twenty five were found dead of carbon dioxide poisoning due to crowded conditions on the ship.

From UK Mail Online…

Five people have been arrested on suspicion of murder after more than a dozen illegal immigrants were thrown from a boat in a ‘voodoo ritual to calm stormy seas,’ an Italian prosecutor revealed today.

Survivors gave police an horrific account of how human ‘sacrifices’ were picked from a ship crammed with 400 people after the engine failed.

The captain, a Nigerian, allegedly picked the victims on ethnic origin or nationality.

Witnesses described a number of women performing a macabre ‘magic dance’ before the victims were flung overboard to ‘calm the seas and placate the devil’.

The ship was sailing from Libya to the Italian island of Lampedusa, which has been inundated with refugees fleeing the troubles in the Middle East

It was eventually escorted into harbour by coastguards after sending a mayday signal.

When the boat reached Lampedusa, 25 illegal immigrants were found dead in the hold.

They had suffocated due to the poisionous fumes from the engine and the cramped squalid conditions on board.

Dozens of others were rushed to hospital suffering from dehydration and exhaustion.